It’s Time To Get Things Started!

The rush is over.
The show is done.
The curtain is closed.

Now what?

I’m in the lull, the sugar crash, after waiting for almost a year (maybe more) for The Muppets to return to the big screen.

I know other folks who loved it (like I did), a few who found it enjoyable but not fantastic (my youngest brother and a neighbor) and even more who need to go see it for themselves. I’ve been doing my part to proselytize, but I’m only one guy with a Muppet-titled blog, you know?

One thing is for sure: folks still love the Muppets, they can still draw a crowd and most of us, I think, want to see them culturally relevant again. If that’s the benchmark, I think we can say “Mission Accomplished!”

Heck, when you have folks making SAW parody trailers on the one hand and Fox News decrying their “liberal agenda” on the other hand, I think it’s safe to say The Muppets are in the pop culture consciousness again.

And while I can’t possibly post more often on Facebook & Twitter about the movie, I’m doing my part by blogging here. 😉

If that doesn’t sway you to either see the movie or get behind the idea that The Muppets are “back”, check out some bloopers from the film, some great, new t-shirts inspired by The Muppets or even some cool fathead-style stickers for the kiddos.

Yay! *Waves Kermit-like arms wildly*

Now go click some links, watch some videos and buy some merch!

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