Pinning my hopes

I’m sitting on the rooftop (or thereabouts) terrace of a building on campus typing this post on an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard attached.

The words are flowing from my fingertips into an app, iA Writer, that magically sends those words to the cloud (of my choosing: iCloud or DropBox).

There are bits of typing I don’t even have to do anymore since another app, TextExpander Touch, automates simple strings of text – tl;dr for instance – and reproduces a longer format version:

“Thanks for emailing me. I’ll take a look and send you edits later. -Seth”

The app also connects to DropBox so the “shortcuts” I create on one device (iPad) are available to use on another (iPhone) without any additional work on my part.

It’s just another example of software getting out of the way of people (Me) so I can JUST. WRITE.

The end result of this writing is a file that I’ll pull into another app – WordPress for iOS – to beef it up with some links & images, such as this Instagram photo of my current view.

My impetus for writing was Jeff Hilimire’s post about his own use cases for an iPad w/keyboard setup and how it allows him to work.

Now my usage today is a bit more recreational than that, but then again I haven’t had much cause (few January meetings) to use it at work. I can definitely see myself using Evernote to get things done in the future.

As it is, I’m perusing Pinterest for some inspiration (especially the Board of Man) and wishing *they* had an iPad app.

More than anything, I just wanted to share my joy that the hardware & software are such a great experience for me that doing some writing/blogging is so seamless for me now. I hope that promise is kept – and keeps getting better – in the years to come.

Because this is what people want: the true mobility to take their thoughts and devices anywhere and have all the tools they need to do what they want to do.


And since this is a Muppet-named blog, please to enjoy these Kermit/Lady Gaga images that I’ll likely pin later.

3 thoughts on “Pinning my hopes

  1. Obviously I liked this post as I’ve made a similar change, plus your view has our office building in it so, bonus.

    Do you really find the WordPress iOS app acceptable? Ive been using Blogsy instead.

    Did you know that an Engauge dude, @drewhawkins, created Board of Man? Double bonus.

  2. WordPress for iOS works well enough. My biggest complaint: no easy way to get a short url ( style link) via the app.

    I’ll check out Blogsy.

    I was already following @drewhawkins b/c of my involvement in DigDay (maybe he RT’d me?) and was following him on Pinterest too.


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