You Look Nice Today

My first – and until yesterday only – interaction or knowledge of the phrase “You Look Nice Today” comes from a podcast of that name. Since I don’t live or work in the East Atlanta Village I’m unfamiliar with the sign that is now at the center of a controversy.

Then Dave Coustan posted something yesterday.

Then Nick Ayres.
And Austin L. Ray.
And James Staubes.

If you haven’t been around the Atlanta internet today, read the Regretsy post, visit H&M’s Facebook page and join me in some righteous indignation that a corporation would steal the work of a local artist.

The Artist vs. The H&M
From Regretsy's post: The Artist vs. The H&M

Feel free to comment on that post, bug H&M on Twitter or leave a comment on their wall. A million Redditors have Tori LaConsay’s back. You should too.

Also, subscribe to that podcast. Near as I can tell, they actually got the phrase first, but their logo doesn’t use the same font or heart.

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