We Have To Go Back (And Read This Book)

Thanks to John Gruber/Daring Fireball, I’m now anxiously awaiting the Nook re-release David Kazzie’s The Jackpot.

Here’s David’s recap of the whole experience of offering his book as an Amazon exclusive:

“The download rate increased steadily during the course of the morning, and by lunchtime, it was being downloaded more than 1,000 times per hour, occasionally pushing 2,000 per hour. And it was rapidly climbing the Free bestseller list. It got featured on a number of the big Kindle reader blogs that showcase free books each day (this was easily my luckiest break, especially since I didn’t know that people often submit their books to these sites in advance of their scheduled free dates). By Wednesday night, the book had hit the top 10, with about 14,000 downloads. Thursday proved to be nearly as successful, with another 11,000 downloads, and the book spent much of the day ranked No. 5.”

A funny thing happened on my way to waiting for the book to be available in my format; a friend on Twitter noted an interesting aspect of the book’s cover.

I’ll post the book cover here and see if you can spot the hidden message.


In case you still can’t figure it out, SPOILER ALERT(!), the numbers featured on the cover are the Lost numbers with one added to them.

Instead of 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
We’ve got 5, 9, 16, 17, 24, 43

One of the reasons David theorizes for the success of his book? The cover.

“Other factors that might have kept things snowballing: I write in a pretty popular genre (suspense/thrillers), and I’ve got a pretty cool cover.”

I may have to jump the gun & buy via Amazon instead of waiting for the exclusivity to end.

If you’ve read the novel, leave a comment.

Until the zombie season airs … we have to go back!


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