Ripping the headlines

Per the AJC this morning: UGA soccer player charged with stealing hashbrowns

I heard the crowd “scattered” as the arresting officer “smothered” her to the ground. The Red & Black “covered” the whole thing, but did so poorly. This whole ordeal could only be “topped” if someone made a whole bunch of semi-surreptitious Waffle House references in a commentary.

For all the UGA football fans (myself included) at least this won’t affect the Fulmer Cup standings.

Go Dawgs!

One thought on “Ripping the headlines

  1. Lindley Knight says:

    this is hilarious! I definitely thought it was going to be a boy when i saw your post…the best part is that she was planning on eating the hashbrowns after they’d been in her pants. She must’ve been a little “scattered.”

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