Morning Chat

While I haven’t always relished my time alone, I’ve certainly been given a lot of it recently and I’ve grown accustomed to it recently.

I’m also lucky enough to be spending this week with Raelyn (9) between camp weeks and Owen (4.9) as he goes to “Kindergarten Bootcamp” in the mornings.

Both of my companions are infinitely more interesting than sitting staring at a screen, doing dishes or laundry, or even reading a good book.

Just this morning while running errands Raelyn & I had a fascinating journey of a conversation. Here’s the path we wandered:

Breakfast as “breaking the fast” –>

Fasting as a part of certain religious observations –>

Kids Raelyn knows who are of two faiths (or have parents who are) –>

If I believe in god –>

Why we don’t go to church –>

Why/if Raelyn’s grandparents (both sets) go to church –>

Gay rights/gay marriage –>

Raelyn: “What did we start taking about?”

Me: “Bacon.” [Beat] “I think.”

I love that kid. And I really love this time we’re able to spend together. And I’m even more excited about the fact that we can have a frank and honest discussion that ranges from etymology to religion to civil rights all while driving to Target.

I’m going to miss this feeling next week, which is why I’m blogging it now.

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