Dinosaurs, Death & Doozers

As I hotly debate (with myself) taking Owen [5] to see Jurassic Park 3D this weekend (too scary?), I found this great “supercut” video of Fraggle Rock and it’s apparent obsession with the topic of death. [Longer, expository version] [Extended Cut]

Maybe I’m late to the game, but I think more kids programming ought to be serious-minded and un-shy about these kinds of topics. As much as I love the current crop of popular animated fare – *cough* Adventure Time *cough* – it’s clearly more aimed at adults and older kids. Sure, it plays on two levels, but maybe not in the same ways as some of Henson’s stuff did.

I also think it’s a bit sad that I found this on the same day that I learned of the passing of Jane Henson, the so-called “great maza shelaza” of The Muppets.

So while I’m excited to take Owen to see that movie (probably less so than I otherwise would be if it were 2D), I’m more excited for all the questions and excitement that come after it. Yes, morbidly, about death but also about science, technology, friendship, bravery, love.

All of it.

And I want to share all these things via the stories I love, the characters I know, the places & spaces we can both inhabit, if only for an hour or two in the darkness.

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