Sunday Funday Runday

Since the weather was so gorgeous on Sunday, I decided to go for a run on the Silver Comet Trail and have one of our younger daughters tag along.

She needed to take a nap – and wouldn’t fall asleep willingly – and it gave me the chance to use our BOB running stroller for its intended purpose for the first time.

My traveling companion, at the outset:

Evie, pre-run
Ready for action!

A map of “our” run:

[gpsies fileId=fvkpxtywmqbaphlh show=full]

My traveling companion, at the completion (She actually fell asleep around mile 2):

Evie, post-run
Fast run for me, fast asleep for her.

Three advantages of running & pushing a stroller:

  1. You can forget about your own mental hangups or negative talk while you’re trying to make sure your kid is OK & having fun
  2. Holding the stroller with both hands virtually guarantees you’ll have little to no wasted arm motion
  3. Having the stroller in front of me forced me to take faster, shorter strides. It’s not reflected in the data above but I averaged about 4-6 more strides per minute than normal. (A cadence of 85 versus my normal cadence of 80-82)

Three unforeseen consequences:

  1. Sweaty, cramped hands from having to hang on to the neoprene handles
  2. The stroller acting like a huge sail/baffle to slow me down (should’ve been obvious but was much worse than that, or so it seemed)
  3. Passing slower runners – not normally an issue for a single runner, but the stroller is a double stroller so I had to time things out just right so I didn’t hit oncoming traffic or the folks in my lane

All in all it was a very successful run, aided mainly by the company and the weather. I’ll be doing it again soon.

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