Promoting Pi

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that, recently, I’ve been doing a ton of running during my lunch time. The vast majority of this running is done on the campus of the North Avenue Trade School on something – I kid you not – called the “Pi Mile“.

Only at Tech.

Naming schemes aside, it’s not a bad run around campus. 3.14 miles (right around 5k) encircling the perimeter of the campus, it’s actually a great way for this Bulldog to see how the other half lives.

Here’s a PDF map of the trail along with my latest running route of same (as of yesterday):

[gpsies fileId=wagxmewhzoeqlxlg show=full]

Immediately after I finished my run I bumped in to a co-worker getting lunch delivered to campus. Not one to have a long discussion while sweaty (which I’m sure she appreciated) I quickly thanked her for her compliment on my afternoon running & described (briefly) the Pi Mile. She seemed proud of my accomplishment and happy to have the knowledge of the trail.

Not 200 yards later, on my way in to the building, I saw a fellow runner doing some post-run stretching. He too gave me a nice compliment about “seeing me running and it got me inspired” and I launched in to another spiel about the Pi Mile.

I can’t tell whether or not I was just high from the run or the compliments, but I’m a little concerned at my zeal for talking up anything related to Tech. That’s a bit concerning.

What isn’t concerning is spending your lunch time running around a college campus in beautiful late-Spring/early-Summer weather. It’s just too bad there weren’t any attractive co-eds to be found. 😉

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