Ingenious Ingenues

Every time I start to feel better about myself for not writing the “Great American Novel®” by the time I was 24 (or not finishing my app or recording an album), life comes along to remind me that talented youth have – once again – trumped me & trampled on my dreams.

Cases in point: Jake Bugg & Lorde

Both teenagers from outside the U.S.
Both getting tons of airplay (satellite play?) on Sirius XM 28 (The Spectrum)
Both with a creative output that puts mine to shame.

Hey, but I got this here nifty blog!

Enough of the pity partying, here are their songs.

Jake Bugg “Lightning Bolt”:

Lorde “Royals”:

Maybe I’ll order one of those new Ouya game consoles (on sale today) and teach my kids to code a game. Paying it forward, y’all!

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