Jim Henson’s Doozers on Hulu

I’m not proud to say this here, but I accepted a Klout Perk today: a sneak preview of the new Hulu original series from Jim Henson Productions, Jim Henson’s Doozers.

60% of the time Klout Perks are crap all the time, but this is a nice surprise that I’m happy to share here.

For folks that want the full experience instead of an embedded player you can go here.

I’m not a current Hulu subscriber – mostly due to the fact that I pay for premium cable plus Netflix – but this might start to sway me.1 2

If you’re looking for a better breakdown of the costs/benefits of Hulu vs. Netflix, I’m not the expert, but they’re both making a go at acquiring/licensing/creating new shows.

The greater problem this causes for fans of quality entertainment is how they get to shows they used to love, are in love with currently or might love if they could find it. (Feel the love?)

To that end HBO actually did the once-unthinkable and has agreed to license some of their original series to Amazon Prime Instant Video. That’s a HUGE deal and it might (though it probably won’t) make HBO GO more usable on Game of Thrones premiere nights.

Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

Whatever the case I’m happy Henson is getting Doozers out there for kids. It seems cute and high quality which is a lot harder than it sounds, especially for preschool kid content.

Being totally selfish I wish it had 3 things:

  1. Fraggles, Gorgs & the Trash Heap
  2. Motion capture digital puppeteering a la Sid the Science Kid
  3. A better theme song

All things considered though it seems like a fun little show. Maybe not $7.99/month to get Hulu “fun” but we’ll see.

I like that, exactly like the Doozers of the Fraggle Rock show, these new digital Doozers are industrious & engineering/technically-minded. What better way to introduce little kids to the 21st century.

Happy Wednesday!

1 One of my biggest gripes about the TiVo is that I don’t sample enough new/current broadcast TV.

2 One of my biggest gripes about Netflix is that they don’t have great kids programming (but they do have great originals for adults.

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