Summer Games

With the World Cup in full swing – I’ll be watching USA v. GER later – and our annual Summer vacation starting next week, my head is already drifting away from work and towards fun, sun and games.

Now, normally, we don’t bring consoles or handhelds on our vacations. Phones, yes, but that’s mostly for music. But I had a few open browser tabs this morning and I haven’t shared anything here in a while so, in the spirit of community, I give you two games I’m interested in this Summer.

The first is purely a “school pride” choice: Angry Dawgs

In what is clearly a clone of the popular Angry Birds series, Hairy Dawg must defend the UGA Career Center from rival “mutant” mascots all while dispensing valuable career advice to graduating students.

No, really. It won an award too.

I don’t need the career advice (I hope) but I’m always happy to see UGA win awards and even happier that Hairy Dawg is taking down rival mascots.

Go Dawgs!

The second game on my list is Shovel Knight an 8-bit side-scroller that reads to me like the bastard child of Super Mario Brothers & Ghosts ‘n Goblins

I learned about the game just this morning from The Verge and it seems like it’s going to be a real winner. I dig old school console games like this (more my speed) when I’m not playing mobile-first games (like the one above) so I’m bummed that I missed their Kickstarter, but $15 seems like a cheap price to pay for something that looks so awesome.

If you end up playing either game let me know in the comments. I promise not to read them on vacation.

Oh, if you’re curious, we’ll likely be bringing a different kind of game – Cards Against Humanity – to the beach, just for the adults.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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