Minding my time

I’m not very good about my mindfulness meditation practice. I should be better given some of the stressors affecting me, but I’ll admit that I’ve gotten into a bad habit of not doing it recently.

Instead I’ve picked up an afternoon coffee habit, literally the opposite of what might be helpful at calming me, but the ritual of coffee drinking is comforting.

The Starbucks on our campus has a cool nitro-infused cold brew system that makes a drink which looks and behaves like a Guinness right down to the “fall” and the creamy head. I even had a coworker ask if I was drinking a Guinness in a meeting.

So while the coffee drinking might be (arguably) actively bad, watching the fall is pretty cool.

To that end here’s almost 20 minutes(!) – it’s a slow motion video – of a cup of cold brew from last week. I’m trying to take the time to be mesmerized by the motion and maybe get back on the mindfulness train sometime soon.


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