Brewer’s Advent Calendar 2017: Day One

As promised I’m actually going to blog about all 24 beers contained in the Brewer’s Advent Calendar 2017 I bought at Costco this year.

For this first post I’m going to share some pictures of the calendar and packaging to give folks an idea of what I’m dealing with here. I won’t do that every time; I’ll just stick to the cans and the beer.

If you’ve perused the pictures you’ll see that the calendar promotes a beer app that I didn’t choose to install. All my beer-drinking gets cataloged by Untappd, and these beer won’t be any different.

I won’t link to any of the check-ins, but you should add me if you’re so inclined.

The first beer is Schloßbrauerei Rheder Pils. Now I’m no German linguist so I don’t actually know how to pronounce the name of that brewery but the beer was pretty tasty.

Unlike most American Pils’ (insert joke about American beer being like making love on a boat – I’ll only do this once too) there’s a lot of flavor and aroma in this beer. It was certainly much maltier and had more body than your standard American Pils, but it still lacked some of the spritzy hop character that’s a signature of the style.

Overall very drinkable – and photogenic – and hopefully a good portent of beers to come.

Until tomorrow!

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