Brewer’s Advent Calendar 2017: Day Seven

Today’s beer: Alpenkönig Gold

This is a solid beer but I’m a sucker for a Märzen. I think I normally drink Oktoberfests or Festbiers which are a subcategory of Märzen’s, but this is good either way.

I like the look of the Oktoberfest/Festbier better since it looks more autumnally orange, but this so-called “Gold” Märzen is pretty too.

This is the most German beer I’ve had in such a short period of time. One thing that seems consistent is a character I can’t quite define.

It’s similar to knowing, upon drinking, the difference between an English Ale, and American IPA, or a Trappist Belgian. Something that transcends mere style and gets to what wine aficionados refer to as “terroir”.

All these German beers share something uniquely German that I can taste, appreciate, and recognize even if I can’t quite define it.

I’m really looking forward to the remainder of the calendar, but also to dinking more German imports in 2018.

Until tomorrow!

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