Brewer’s Advent Calendar 2017: Day Nine

Today’s beer: Herrnbräu Jubiläums-Sud

This is supposedly a Dunkel but the color of the beer suggests otherwise.

This beer was in previous calendars and although my can is the same, my beer looks much lighter than these two guys:



I have to imagine it was either a canning error or a labeling error but either way I’m drinking a different beer.

It’s solid – probably a helles or maybe it’s the Festbier I thought I had last Saturday. That was by the same brewer so maybe the cans got swapped?

Looking back at that post it seems pretty plausible that the two were inverted. There’s no way I’m drinking a Dunkel now and that Festbier seems much too dark.

In any event it’s a delicious German beer for Advent.


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