Last Bastion?

Is there an open web any more?
If you’re not reading this on Facebook or from a Tweet or a “link in bio” on Instagram does it even exist?
Is using an increasingly unwieldy framework like WordPress useful anymore?

I’m about at the point I’d like to either a) move to a free subdomain just to keep these archives, b) start over with flat HTML that I hand-edit, or c) delete the whole shebang and not look back.

This is like my arc on the social web in miniature.

Is it time to abandon the blog?

Maybe so.

3 thoughts on “Last Bastion?

  1. Eric, what app or service do you use to read via RSS? I abandoned reading blogs that way once Google Reader died, but maybe I’m missing out?

    Russ, I think it’ll stay a little while longer.

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