I’ve got to admit that I’m a little bit nervous this week.

This afternoon I was supposed to present a PowerPoint (ugh!) on blogs/bloggers/blogging. The word(s) has lost all meaning.

Fortunately I got a reprieve: I’ll be presenting on Wednesday.
Unfortunately there’s a catch: instead of an audience of roughly half a dozen, it’ll be 30-40 folks.

Now I’m not one to shy away from public speaking. I love the spotlight. Took that TBS-sponsored Improv Comedy class and everything.

Here’s the thing: In a big meeting like this I’m going to get a *ton* of questions and my comedic timing/judgment tend to work best in smaller, more intimate setting.

I’ve got the obligatory Soylent Green joke for the TCM folks in the crowd but I’m still sweaty-palmed over the whole thing.

It basically comes down to justifying my new title in a room full of peers and executives alike. And sure it’s a topic with which I’m intimately familiar but maybe that’s almost too good to be true. I worry I’ll rush (and there’s a ton to cover) and that I’ll let slip something too goofy, too tangential or too technical.

Whatever the reason it’s just nerves and they’ll pass. I’m practicing a bit more tomorrow and Wednesday and listening to the new R.E.M. album Accelerate which is a little middling.

Nerves perhaps?

I hope to have a video or podcast of the presentation some time after the bloodletting. I may even put up a test post on Wednesday and call for comments to show off all your smiling faces and Gravatars to the folks in the meeting.

Get ready for internet fame!