I Just Saw It On CNN?

Here’s a little stream of consciousness that all started while I watched the “ticker” on CNN this afternoon. I was on the elliptical, but it spawned a little six (seven?) degrees of separation moment.

  1. Australia seeks answers to worst naval disaster
  2. Which brought to mind this FailBlog clip on Australian Naval disasters:

  3. Explanation Fail
  4. But then I remembered a story I’d seen some of my friends mentioning on Facebook today, also involving Australia.

  5. Wanted: Paradise island ‘caretaker’
  6. Which, for some reason, made me think of the Australian Philosophers’ (Bruce) sketch. Maybe the new job angle?

    Anyhow, the official Monty Python Channel doesn’t have it (or I’d link to their version), so here it is.

  7. Monty Python – Bruce
  8. While I was still thinking about this blog post and chugging away at the elliptical I noticed a familiar face. Samantha Hayes, someone I know from high school and college, was on The Situation Room talking to Wolf Blitzer about the inaugural parade.

    Turns out she now works for CNN Newsource. Who knew?

  9. CNN Programs – Anchors/Reporters – Samantha Hayes
  10. It turns out that, like everyone else, Samantha is on Facebook and I sent her a note telling her I’d seen her on CNN along with my friend request.

  11. There is no sixth thing.
  12. No Pooftahs!
  13. 😉

Australian naval accident on CNN to FAKE Australian naval accident on YouTube to Facebook news of a dream job in Australia to Monty Python sketch about a job in Australia on YouTube to former classmate on CNN and on Facebook to nothing.

Got it?

Happy Monday!