I’m a little late for Easter but I’ve had the sketch of a post sitting in my queue for a while so I’m letting it flow today.

To start the train of thought, Jenn was in Leeds, North Yorkshire, UK back in January. I stayed home with the kids and got brief, Skype glimpses into her hotel room.

It was great fun (being Mr. Mom) but also very trying. Being a single parent is something I wouldn’t enter into willfully. Everyone missed Jenn but at least we could see and hear her.

I didn’t think much about Leeds before Jenn went there and I really hadn’t thought about it much after her return until I went sifting through some older TikiBarTV episodes and found this: Bunnies!

I’ll wait here while you watch the video.

Done? Good.

The relation to Leeds is right there in the footage and the logo for the University of Leeds is legit.

There are official rules for the League of Bunnies and even some swag on the Tiki Bar TV store.

If you’re equally-inclined you can also join a MySpace group or grab the widget (which only repurposes the League’s blog’s only post). YMMV.

Jenn got confirmation from her collaborators in Leeds concerning not only the logo/University connection but also the existence of a similar if not identical game.

She also learned that the preferred/correct/intoxicated method for getting a server’s attention in a pub is to give yourself hand-sized bunny ears a la the Tiki Bar TV episode. Again, YMMV, though it did seem to work at The Highlander recently.

For those of you not so brave or bold or stupid for Bunnies or Bunny Ears, there’s always Beer Pong.

See you at the next APWBWGTTD meetup?