Nikon Chronicles

Inspired by Brody (thx for the Maui Revealed book), I’m thinking I need to take some proactive steps for better photographic health prior to our June trip to the island. I tweeted as much earlier.

Enter Lifehacker and a wonderful post on RAW format from the Wired Blog. Now all I have to do is:

  1. Convince the Missus
  2. Buy a bigger SDHC card (8 GB!)
  3. Remember the tripod to reduce shaky-cam

The lenses and inside workings (guts?) of the D80 need a thorough cleaning. I may do it myself if I can find the kit I got for my birthday or the safer bet might be to take it to Wolf.

And no matter what Duane or my brother-in-law say [WARNING: Flame War-inducing comment]: Nikon’s kick Canon’s square in the ass.

Maybe I’ll even get around to a post-trip class a la Maigh. Who knows?