A Link Post About Lost

So what if the Summer is over and you’ll never catch up on your Lost reading group [Via TV Squad] in time for the season 5/series return in February 2009?

So what if you’ve got multiple opportunities to catch up if you’re behind (on both G4 & SciFi) plus get DVD-style extras?

So what if all your Lost energies are going into comparing NFL teams to Lost characters? I’m just as lost (ha!) in fantasy football as you are.

So what if I’ve beat this theme to death and broken my former triumvirate of rhetorical questions?

All you really need to ask yourself is this: Why am I not playing the DharmaWantsYou.com ARG first teased back in May/June and propped up during Comic-Con?

I didn’t go to Comic-Con but I have been on all the email lists and juicy tid-bits. I’m not even on the leaderboard, but I’m as intrigued by this game as I was in last season’s Find815.com.

Good luck to everyone and here’s my ID card. I’ll let you know what the barcode means just as soon as I find out.

If you got links or clues or you just need to chat between now and February, I’m available. Leave a comment.