As a part of my ever-increasing “beach body” regimen (we’re hitting Maui AND Hilton Head Island over the Summer) I’ve been trying to increase the amount/regularity of push-ups I do.

Turns out push-ups are a great indicator of overall health and wellness and *should* be a part of everyone’s exercise routine. More fuel to the fire that I should be doing them, especially with a keen eye on perfect form.

Side note: I really try to do all my weightlifting focusing on form over gobs of weight. I’d rather move the muscle correctly and target a very specific area than tear/pull/dislocate something.

Here’s a handy chart from the Washington Post for those of now inclined to get horizontal and do some push ups (and sit ups) yourselves.

And if you’re wondering what started my newest fondness for push ups (I was on a similar kick prior to our last trip to Hawaii) it’s the fact that my mother-in-law got me a set of those push up pro handles for Christmas. Huge pectoral muscles (thanks, Ren) are the gift that keeps on giving, don’tcha know.