Time In A Bottle

I think my earliest memory of a piece of media that resonated with me emotionally is Jim Croce’s “Time In A Bottle” on The Muppet Show.

Now this episode originally aired October 10, 1977 just before my 1st birthday so I must’ve seen it in re-runs. This is how I was exposed to The Muppet Show as a kid, since we didn’t have cable when we lived in Michigan. We got the big 3 network affiliates, PBS, and WGN.

There’s something about the poignancy and sadness of that song juxtaposed with the scientist aging in reverse that still speaks to me today. I know I heard Croce’s version on the radio or on a record as a kid too, and I think I’ve always been drawn to that wistful, romantic vibe.

Anyhow, just some mid-week musings from someone who doesn’t like to delve too much into nostalgia. I just watched it again and wanted to share.

Twinkie the Kid

I fired off a pretty innocuous tweet this morning on the news that Twinkie-maker Hostess had filed for Bankruptcy:

“Turns out the shelf life of a Twinkie might be longer than the company that makes them.”

I didn’t think I’d made that clever of an observation – after all the half-life of Twinkies has been a comedic staple for at least the last few decades – but favstar says otherwise:


And while I haven’t actually eaten a Twinkie in a while, as a kid I used to love them. I remember Twinke the Kid ads in all the comic books I used to get from my great-grandmother and my grandmother used to always have Hostess products on hand.

Maybe it’s a Michigan thing, but my grandmother used to keep Hostess products in the freezer. You really haven’t lived until you’ve had a frozen Twinkie, Suzy Q, Hoho or Ding Dong.

How I ever asked for one of those innuendo-laden item (let alone typing them now) is beyond my comprehension, but a frozen Suzy Q is messy, delicious fun. I’ll stand by that.

So even though the news is rather grim, I’m going to be stockpiling some Hostess snack cakes (and maybe some of those Fruit Pies that Marvel superheroes used to eat too) and freezing them for later enjoyment.

I know I don’t have to; they just taste better that way.