Sticky keyboards

Minds out of the gutter, internets. Ready? OK.

Yesterday I had a little mishap with a bottle of Odwalla Serious Focus and now I’m paying the price. Spill on keyboard two days ago equals no action in space bar today.

That last sentence alone took five minutes to type.

Productivity: dwindling. Thumb pain: throbbing.

Ok, maybe I’m the one with the gutter mind. 😉

Anyhow, the new Odwalla flavors are quite tasty. A co-worker even asked me about my favorite, which happens to be the previously-blogged Pomegranate Limeade.

This person is now a fan of Naked Juice but I remain steadfast to Odwalla, mostly in the morning (I guess I represent one of their “expanding usage occasions”). Afternoon is tea time and Snapple, after all.

Today it was SuperFood which smells gross, tastes OK, felt good and probably makes me seem like a pretentious douchebag. Such is the life of a pretentious douchebag in denial. Don’t believe me? Ask my moleskine notebook or my titanium frames.

Anyhow, Odwalla juices are good but should not be used as a keyboard lubricant. I feel like I’m typing in quicksand.

Humpday! (There I/we go again!)