Evolution of a Nickname

Follow the bouncing ball and sing along. (Doesn’t really matter what tune you pick; no one can hear you sing on the internet.)

Evie Peeves
The Peeves

Now I’m stuck thinking about my failed Harry Potter blog (too late/too crowded) and ghost stories.

The real lesson: you never know what’s going to happen when you name a kid. Terms of endearment develop over time OR you can’t legislate nicknames.


What’s in a name?

Lawsuits, discussion, derision, arguments and parental abuse – specifically if your name is “Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii” [Article 1] [Article 2] [Via Kottke]

For my part, I love my name. Though I have been know on occasion to call myself the “fabulous gentile with the Jewish name” [Seth David Miller], I actually dig my moniker.

Recently, Jenn and I have been talking about our childrens’ names. A desire for potentially a different spelling for her or a different, albeit similar, name for him.

We always come back to the concept of name-planning. Making sure our family doesn’t become one of those “All the kids’ names rhyme” or “All the names begin with the same letter” kind of situations.

We’re also quite keen to nicknames and such, but I would imagine all parents would be, despite the horrendous stories above.

But changing my name? Wouldn’t think of it. Jenn either.

I sure hope our kids don’t either, but I don’t know then yet like I’ll know them when they’re adults and grown and their own people. Maybe I’ll feel differently then.

For the curious, here’s a cool baby name visualization tool to waste a few minutes/hours/days. The historical graphing and regional maps are awesome.

As always, I remain your well-named and happy-in-my-identity host.