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I am a Digital VIP subscriber.
I am a music fan.
I am helping to Save Paste Magazine.

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Paste is fantastic. If you’re not a subscriber to the magazine (in analog or digital format) now is the time.

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Money, Babies!

The economy sucks.
The bailout will take a while to work (if ever).
The weather is rainy and dreary.

But at least we’ll always have music to lift our spirits, calm our fears and reassure us.

Unless, of course, it’s The Dears’ single Money Babies, which Jenn can’t stop singing on account of its inclusion on the new Paste Magazine sampler.

Music video and lyrics follow:

Video via Perfect Porridge.

Our money is elastic. Our money is elastic. Gotta get milk for the baby and our money is elastic. Decapitative laughter is keeping us alive. Cavalcades of losers, losing their minds. Hoping for disaster. Settin’ off alarms. Amid all of the deranged. Amid all the charmed. Do you remember that time when we thought we were gonna die? Well, baby nothing much has changed. And yet they haven’t been the same since at all. Our money is elastic. Our money is elastic. Gotta get milk for the baby. Gotta get milk for the baby.

It’s more than a little depressing and sobering, but it’s catchy and informative, nonetheless. When’s the last time you kept humming a chorus built around the Economic concept that “Our money is elastic”?

That’s right. Never.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday.

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