Five for Friday

A little list-y fun for your Friday (and mine):

  1. One Sentence – True stories, told in one sentence.
  2. Makes me pine for the microfiction days of yore and Ficlets. *Sigh*

  3. Two Sentences
  4. First?

  5. Three Sentences
  6. See above.

  7. Four Sentences
  8. Self explanatory.

  9. Five Sentences
  10. No comment.

  11. 5ives
  12. Merlin Mann’s lists of 5 things. Better than that last sentence makes it sound.

So there’s my five (plus one) list. Maybe I should call it a Polish fifth or maybe a Baker’s half-dozen (which would actually be seven, right)?

Anyhow: there is/was a list.

Enjoy your weekend more than you’ve enjoyed this!