Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Jenn and I went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival
yesterday. We drank great amounts of beer and watched jugglers. In that
respect, it wasn’t unlike my cousin’s high school graduation party.

In as little seriousness as I feel compelled to muster, we did have a
great time. I participated in a three-legged race with my father-in-law
Marty, which ended with him on the ground. I also tried my hand at
pouring the perfect pint of Guinness. For $5 I got a Guinness pint
glass (oh so cool) and free reign to fill it up as I saw fit. Alas, my
head was too big (no laughing) and I didn’t win.

Today, I found this site and learned the error of my ways. At least I got to drink the Guinness and keep the glass.

We’ve got to mow the lawn tonight and watch Training Day.

And then sleep. Beautiful sleep.

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