Rest & Relaxation

What an awesome three-day weekend! I did everything twice. I saw
Spider-Man twice. I fell asleep on the beach twice. I played Skip-Bo
twice. I went miniature golfing twice. And I got about twice the amount
of sleep I normally would have.
Granted, Jenn and I didn’t get home until nearly one this morning, but
we had a wonderful time in Hilton Head. Now we get another short week
as we’re off to Las Vegas this Thursday night. My youngest brother
Graham is turning 21 and my parents are showing him a good time.
Tonight I will be actually mowing the lawn and not threatening to do
so. The new mower seems very easy to use, so I’ll be doing that while
Jenn picks up Lucy (the Weim I missed so much this weekend) from her
Whew! Jenn and I are busy! At least we’ve got another fun weekend
coming up.

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