Yoda kicks ass

I’ve let Attack of the Clones simmer in my mind (thank you, Kissing
Jessica Stein) for a few days, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it
was pleasant. Before the movie I had great apprehensions. Phantom
Menace was glossy and dull at the same time. Jokey and also over
serious – a study in contradictions. I’ll use a bad metaphor: it was
like candy; tasty but not (ful)filling.
During the movie I had a wonderful time. No Gungans, save two lines
from Jar-Jar. Gorgeous vistas. Very defined characters. Lotsa
lightsaber action. Intense not just for the effects.
Immediately after the movie I kept replaying Yoda’s fight scene in my
mind. I spoke to Jenn about the beauty of the Tyrannus/Sidious “war”. I
went to bed happy.
Now, though, I think I just have a calm about me; a confidence. Lucas
is telling a long story and characters need to evolve and change, just
as tone and narrative do. Is any literary character the same on page
one as he/she is when you reach the back jacket?
A New Hope was a well-financed student film. It portrayed a specific
style that we had yet to see in the prequels. Attack of the Clones
gives me new hope that I was wrong abou the way this series was headed.
The galaxy was a different place in Anakin’s youth, and the movie is
different, but the echoes of the future (past?) can be seen and heard
with clarity.

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