Tension and torsion

I’ve been thinking a lot about conflict today. I love to argue; to
debate. Enjoying the subtleties of viewpoints is one of my favorite
pasttimes. Personal differences, actual fighting and bickering is
pretty tiresome, though.
Jenn is going through the latter, a pretty vicious fight with a friend
named Tracy. Tracy and Jenn worked together at Hingepoint and formed
Axiom3 together. Tracy is a pretty hip chick, but she has problems like
the rest of us. Needless to say, Jenn was upset about something,
actually someone else, and Tracy didn’t step in to help.
Normally not a problem, because Jenn told her not to interfere, but
this was one of those soft “leave me alone” pleas that really means
“help me out”. Signals got crossed and feelings got hurt, ultimately
boiling down to a very self-serving and narrow-sighted email from Tracy
to Jenn.
I’ve never met a woman so intent on separating work and pleasure. I’ve
also never met a woman who preferred to side with men rather than stick
up for her own. The outcome is probably for the best – Jenn and I are
different people fundamentally from Tracy. We define our personalities,
our success and failures, in very different ways. I only hope that all
the parties involved don’t have scars for a long time to come. Well
actually, I hope Jenn’s not too hurt. Tracy is quite hurt but she has
no idea why; her email was an act of desperation, like the attack of a
cornered animal.
So much tension it’s tying me up in knots. I just know that I love Jenn
dearly and I hate to see people whom she trusts and depends upon for
support and friendship act so callous. Not even callous, just
indifferent. A real friend would have taken some initiative and not
moved on to other folks.
Diatribe over. I’ll try to have a better day. I promise.

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