Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Jenn and I had our friends Jen
and Matt over for dinner on Sunday. Matt and I drank one of my newly
minted homebrews and played GameCube while the ladies discussed Jenn’s
baby shower. Afterwords, we enjoyed some fine home cooking, for which I
cannot find the recipe online. Maybe I’ll post it later, since it was
an awesome ham steak and a great salad.
Jen mentioned to Jenn (confused?) that she and Matt avidly follow Alias so, of course, Jenn and I watched last night. Pretty good. Plus, the new Dragnet was on after Alias, and it’s produced by the Law & Order folks, so we couldn’t resist. It was fairly good too.

All in all an enjoyable Sunday. I’m letting the beer go the full two weeks before I drink another – it’s still a bit sweet!

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