Children of Nintendo

I am freakin’ in love with Nintendo. Now that we’ve got the latest Zelda game for GameCube and I bought Jenn the Game Boy Advanced SP for Mother’s Day (I know. I know.) I am surrounded by all things Nintendo. We need a Game Link cable so I can do cool things by connecting Game Boy to Game Cube. I don’t know what these things are, but I know they are dripping with coolness. I’m nearly bursting with fanboy excitement.

So, for all you Children of Nintendo, here’s a video I found of some kid playing the theme to Super Mario Brothers 2 (NES!) on the piano. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Children of Nintendo

  1. I also bought Zelda: Wind Waker a month ago, and today, I am still playing it and haven’t completed it because I was so busy with college. Believe me, the game is one of Miyamoto’s greatest and incredible game!

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