Creation “Science”

For whatever reason I’ve been on an anti-religion kick this week. So much so that I’ve been reading a lot about “creation science” which seems to me to twist both concepts until they are utterly unrecognizable. That people in the 21st century refuse to understand the basic underlying tenet of modern biology is both sad and frightening.

One such apologist has even gone so far as to offer a $25,000 prize for anyone who can “prove” evolution occurs. I’d give the same amount 10 fold for actual, empirical evidence of the existence of a higher power.

You can visit his site and read the extended entry for my email to him. I hope it ruffles a few feathers.

“This is the greatest satirical web site I’ve ever visited. It’s easily twice as funny as or! The way you lampoon basic Christian tenets and so-called “creation science” is so acutely tongue-in-cheeck, I wonder how your staff manages to keep a straight face. And the $25k contest is the best part, clearly and thoroughly pointing out the incredible lack of logic and sense of the fundamentalist set. This is truly an amazing site. My side hurt for literally hours after visiting. Keep up the good work.”

One thought on “Creation “Science”

  1. You go seth! I’ve been lurking on the Yahoo messageboards in the atheism forum myself and have had my share of “discussion” with these nutjobs. It really is dangerously addictive. But I aint got no job, so I gotta do SOMETHING unproductive with my time. And believe me, there is nothing more UNproductive than trying to talk to Young-Earth Creationists.

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