Meet your future in-laws

While others worried about Hurricane Isabel and the Ten Commandments, Jenn and I had to deal with the prospect of our future in-laws. You read that right, FUTURE IN-LAWS.

In a feat of cleverness that rivals putting Vaseline on doorknobs, our daycare center sent us a flyer with the headline “Meet your future in-laws (got your attention?)” to inform us of an open house/PTA meeting. I nearly lost my lunch. I have a hard enough time picturing Rae walking and talking, let alone marrying someone. Definitely a sobering moment.

The meeting went really well, despite the call to action. First we sat through some PTA rah-rah presentation about fundraising and then adjourned to another room, just for parents of infants & toddlers. We got to hear the owner present on school philosophies, enjoy some snacks and watch a video of the kids.

All parents love seeing their kids on video. It’s like crack: once you pop, you can’t stop (wait, that’s not it).

We learned a lot about the staff, the guiding principles of the center and the committment of the management. All in all a very good night.

3 thoughts on “Meet your future in-laws

  1. matt says:

    It’s almost on you man .. pretty soon you’ll be answering the front door with a .45 and a shovel.

    I’m already coming up with ways to deter would be suitors, and we are no where close to being ready for kids. Most of my ideas so far revolve around threats of violence and intimidation.

    Let me know when you’re ready and we’ll have some fine beer and brainstorm.

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