Set the VCR! I’m on TV!

Things change rapidly in the world of television and now it looks like my television debut has been moved from this Sunday, Sept. 28 to this Thursday, Sept. 25 at 8 pm. That’s right, friends & family, I’m going up against Friends, Scrubs and Will & Grace! D’oh!

The good news is I have a “dubbed” copy of the segment on VHS should you not want to miss out on NBC’s premiere night. I promise I won’t be too hurt.

And for those of you true friends, here’s the skinny. I’ll be appearing in a two-minute segment of TBS’ The Movie Break hosted by Brian “The Roving Instigator” Welch. The movie we’ll be showing is The Net starring Sandra Bullock. You can get more information about the airing here.

I’m probably going to spam all of you today anyhow, but I wanted this on the site to catch the stragglers. Please tune in or tape the show if you get a chance. I’m not terribly funny, but I’m on TV and you’re not!

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