Fame Hangover

So now that my ever-so-brief foray into the world of television entertainment has ended (Stephen Spielberg, please stop calling me) it’s back to the grindstone. I drop off Rae at daycare, I drive to work, I send email. No big deal.

I’ve been playing a cool game developed for the Lifetime Network (I know, right. A real contradiction in terms.) all week. Chicka-chicka check it out. Apparently this guy has done games for Cartoon Network and other TV networks; I’m very impressed.

Other terribly exciting news: Rae is eating rice cereal! Jenn and I have a pretty good chunk of material (video, pictures, laughter) that we’ll be putting up on the site soon. Well, everything but the laughter. You can provide that once you see her little face covered in cereal. Hysterically precious.

That’s it for me. Just a wage-slave working for the man. Trying to stay sane in an insane world.

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