I don’t even know why I made a big deal out of watching the Ga/Fla game this year. All the prognosticators had told me it would end in heartache for Bulldog fans in a tight contest. I just didn’t think it would feel quite this terrible.

Georgia made a furious comeback in the 4th quarter and SHOULD have taken a 17-13 lead, but instead settled for Billy Bennett’s second field goal (he was 2 0f 3 – that one miss was costly). Florida promptly drove the length of hte field and hit a 33 yard FG of their own to take the lead. With no time outs and 80 yards to go, my Bulldogs wilted.

This feels worse than getting kneed in the crotch or a sprained ankle. Our hopes of another SEC title game and certainly a National title game are over. Now we have 2 weeks to get good and angry at Auburn (who almost always wins in Athens). This team had better show some heart and beat the Tigers.

And I can only hope South Carolina beats UF next week. I need something good to happen in my football life.

Once a dog, always a dog. Not so sweet tonight, but I’ll keep my chin up.

4 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. I’m going to do something I don’t normally do and comment on my own post. Richt has lost twice to Florida under Zook, both times to less talented teams and coaching staffs. He even had Charlie Strong’s number this Saturday.

    How many more losses (in a row) can this rivalry bear before we lose Jax as a “neutral site” and go back to home and home? And how many times can Richt lose to the Gators before alumni like me get antsy? Just asking. Let me know.




    Sorry, had to let that out.

  3. Josh says:

    2007 will be the earliest this game heads out of Jax (we are contracted through 06). With a new AD and Adams calling the shots, you may get your way.

    Ugh, what a letdown. I equate my trip to Jax like going to see an obnoxious relative each year. You spend a ton of money, burn a vacation day, and get disappointed every year. My attendance next year is, much like our injury list, Doubtful.

    Just when things seemed their bleakest, a stat came across the computer to make me feel 0.0001% better. Navy hasn’t beaten Notre Dame in 39 YEARS!!!!!! A’hoy mate!!

  4. Nathan Miller says:

    Sorry to hear about the football game.
    Looks like we might have a chance to meet up in South Carolina around the 20th of December…that is what my mother mentioned on the phone last night…
    Hey, have you had a chance to watch that CD I sent?

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