Sunday Dinner

The fam had dinner last night over at Dave & Victoria’s apartment along with Becky Doyle. Victoria made a lamb roast with potatoes, corn, green beans and squash. Not to mention an amazing salad and one of the yummiest caramel desserts in the history of the world. She even sent Jenn, Becky & I home with pre-packed “lunches” of the leftovers. Thanks, Victoria!

We also had the chance to play a really cool card game called Mamma Mia. Players attempt to use the cards in their hand to fill pizza orders, but that’s a fairly high-level overview. Check out this review to see for yourself. It made me want to go buy some other alternative games myself.

Everyone loved Rae, but how could you not? We got home late and didn’t get enough sleep – but we sure had a great time and we have lunch already made!

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