It’s the Hilfigery-est!

I must have been about ten years old and my family was going through the process of moving from Chattanooga, TN (bleaugh!) to Marietta, GA (at the time = where?). We went to visit my cousins in Kinston, NC (birthplace of Jaime Pressly) and play their Super Nintendo (Mortal Kombat, anyone?).

So, after using too many parenthetical expressions (too late), Nate & Russ (my cousins) asked if we had ever heard of Tommy Hilfiger. It was, like, 1986 and I was a young middle-schooler having to relocate for the second time in 9 months. I didn’t know Tommy Hilfiger from Adam. Who would have thought, all these years later, Tommy’s daughter would have her own MTV show?

Weird, isn’t it? I’ve managed to talk about absolutely nothing for two and a half paragraphs. No wonder I’m makin’ the big bucks in the entertainment industry. 😉

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