Popularity Contest

I really want to be popular. Well, not me personally, but this web site. I think I’m rather amusing/endearing and I’d love it if an audience of more than just my close friends and relatives read this site.

Enter Blogrolling.

I thought adding a Blogroll would be a really cool way to show my love to those aformentioned friends and relatives who have blogs. I’d link to them, they’d have reciprocal links: we’d all get popular together.

And then a funny thing happened; Blogrolling got hacked. All of their blogrolls pointed to Laura’s blog. Laura happens to be the sister of Dave, a friend of mine already listed in MY blogroll.

Now Laura has an unbelievable cadre of cachet (you like that, don’t you?). She’s her own meme. She’s a story on freakin’ Metafilter, for crying out loud.

I would kill for that kind of traffic and mindshare! I’ve gotta start being more controversial. Or funnier. Or political.

In short, (too late) I’ve got to write more.

And link to a ton of people and join all the “bloggy” cliques. I’m off to self-promote!

3 thoughts on “Popularity Contest

  1. You’ve inspired me to begin revamping my own page. I realise now that no one will ever use that blog on the family website besides me, and that all my family ever wanted was that cool e-mail address. They can keep their precious e-mails, I’m takin’ over vanhiel.com!!!!

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