The powers that be here at work, in their benevolence and foresight, made all of us take part in a reality TV brainstorm project, “The Pitch”, which I’ve already discussed here. And yesterday was the day we all presented our ideas, vying for cash prizes and the admiration of our co-workers.

We assembled at Dave & Buster’s in Marietta and spent the morning presenting our ideas. The concepts ranged from kooky to hilarious, sick to sad and everything in between. I’m NDA-bound not to disclose any of the potential shows, but I will say that my team walked away with a small sum of money.

The second half of the day the same network execs who had listened to our ideas gave us a near-unlimited play card to use in the arcade. I wasted almost four hours playing nearly every single game in the joint. I raced co-workers in Star Wars Podracer, shot zombies in House of the Dead 2 (and 3) and tested my mettle at a boxing sim that would make Glass Joe fall over dead.

I have to say that I haven’t had that much fun with my co-workers or my employer EVER. Working for a TV network really is awesome.

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