Santa 2K3

Life in the 21st century sure is grand. Jenn & I took Raelyn to see Jolly Old Saint Nick at North Point Mall and we were greeted with the ubiquitous and oft-mentioned restaurant pager.

No doubt some of you think this concept flies in the face of all that is holy and decent about Mall Santas. If waiting in line was good enough for you, your kids and Ralphie from A Christmas Story then, by God, we should all have to wait in line too.

Guess again. We took the pager, went to Radio Shack to restock our video camera with tapes, gave Rae a bottle and diaper/wardrobe change BEFORE ever having to stand in line. Now THAT is progress.

Of course Raelyn performed like a champ, smiling on cue and drawing compliments from Santa and his elves. We’ll have a picture posted soon, so you can see what I’m gloating about. All in all, an incredibly stress-free experience.

To sum up: North Point MallGood Santa; Billy Bob ThorntonBad Santa.

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