An outlook to a detour via entourage

So now that I’ve got OSX 10.2 on my Mac at work, I needed to read my email from both computers. I have Outlook on my Win 2000 machine and I decided I was smart enough to configure Entourage (the OSX-native Micro$oft email program) all by myself.

Boy was I wrong.

In my haste and hubris, I forgot to leave my emails on the server. Entourage, being the helpful app it is, downloaded my entire inbox, thus wiping out all my mail from the view of my PC’s Outlook. With no chance to put it back. Ever.

My webmail is hosed, too, but I changed the setting and any subsequent, new emails will be OK. But 1847 messages are now tied to my Mac. Damn!

3 thoughts on “An outlook to a detour via entourage

  1. OK, techies, here’s the fix:

    1) Move ALL Entourage mail to local folder.
    2) Create IMAP account, leaving a connection to the server open.
    3) Delete POP account.
    4) Create subfolder on IMAP inbox (on server).
    5) Move local inbox mail to IMAP inbox subfolder.
    6) Move IMAP inbox subfolder mail to IMAP inbox.
    7) Thank Jenn for the idea.
    8) Rejoice!

    There you have it. Not the least bit convoluted or difficult.

  2. Nathan Miller says:

    You got 10.2 running? I could send you a copy of Panther…
    We could do real Video Chat…Panther is amazing.
    Get your hands on a copy ASAP…download Poisoned…
    Mac Computers are the greatest…will tolerate other machines…but a Mac is the queen bee in my house.
    nathanmiller1…aim account I think

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