Annoyed Grunt

Initially I was going to post a nice little diatribe about CVS and their Kodak photo machines. I spent most of last night in one of two CVS stores near my home and nearly lost my marbles and 3 hours of my time. Needless to say, I don’t think I’d ever make a career out of working for a one hour photo. Who else is thinking about that creepy Robin Williams movie? Ick.

Anywho, I spent my morning waiting for and then dealing with an inept handyman from “Super Safe Tots”. To start things off, he arrived at the house almost an hour late. He had to send a package via UPS and my business wasn’t terribly important to him. Plus, he had printed directions to the house and had gone to the wrong side of town. I had to talk to him 3 times via cellphone to get him to the house. Idiot.

Add to all of this mess the fact that he couldn’t mount the original gate we purchased OR the first gate he suggested as an alternative. I ended up paying $50 in differential price to get an ugly, utilitarian, metal gate instead of our cool, woodgrain, stylish gate.

I’ll give him one thing, he certainly was a stickler for detail. He even brought his own little Dirt Devil handheld vaccuum to clean up any mess he made.

I have to say that the last 36 hours have pretty much sucked. I can’t wait until we’re through this time of year, or more specifically until we’re through PREPARING for Christmas so that we can actually ENJOY it.

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