Rule of Threes

I’m no believer in witchcraft, wicca, or whatever the hell the goth kids are calling that psuedo-religion these days. But I do strongly believe in one of their purported tenets – the rule of threes. This rules posits that all things happen in threes – good things, bad things, every thing. At least, that’s what I learned from watching The Craft, so I’m sticking to my guns.

The point here (and there is a point) is that my third thing finally occurred yesterday. You see, I’ve been bitchy here lately. First, we had to endure Crying Baby Syndrome over the weekend, THEN I dealt with Idiot Installer on Tuesday morning and NOW I caught a virus. Not influenza, a computer virus.

Turns out the nice folks who provide technical support for my employer found the virus when I connected via VPN. My home PC tried to infect my entire work network, so they cut off my access and sent me nice email and voicemail.

So after running a nifty, web-based virus scan and installing some free antivirus software, I’m in good health again. Well, at least my computer is. And that, boys and girls, is how the rule of threes applies to my life. The end.

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