Leap Year Leap

I find it more than a bit unnerving that once every four years an exta day just suddently appears as if from nowhere. I realize our current calendar is centuries old, but couldn’t someone along the way have thunk up a more sensible solution other than “let’s just stick that extra time in a short month every fourth year”. It turns out they couldn’t, but I digress.

If you’ll pardon the pun, from a technological perspective I took several very big “leaps” forward this weekend. First, I installed the new hard drive in Jenn’s old (my new) PC. 120 GB of storage is now just asking to be filled! You can rest assured that I had WinMX installed faster than you can say ‘fair use’.

We also bought new cellphones from Best Buy on Saturday. I’ve been suffering cellular-less for several months now and Jenn’s phone was starting to show it’s age. Now, however, we’re both sitting pretty with Bluetooth-enabled, GSM camera phones from Sony Ericsson. God bless color screens and wireless internet.

The only geeky thing left on my list (and this is a year 2004 list, mind you) is to install a wireless router on the home network and ditch our current router-hub-bubblegum setup.

I’m just so excited about how much cool stuff actually got done this weekend. Normally my reach far exceeds my grasp, but this weekend was the exception. Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy.

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