Tutone Ringtone

I was in my boss’ office yesterday when my cellphone started ringing. The call was from Jenn, so my phone started playing the tune of John Mayer‘s Your Body is a Wonderland in all its MIDI glory. (I realize this is probably too much information for most of you, but please keep the gagging noises to yourselves.)

Upon hearing and correctly identifying the track and artist he suggested that I use the 80’s hit 867-5309 (Jenny), instead of my own Grammy-winning choice, to signify calls from the wife. I thought it was a great idea and so I immediately set about trying to make it a reality.

First, I checked Cingular’s impressive cadre of polyphonic ringtones. Not finding the one-hit-wonder I sought, I looked elsewhere with similar results (or lack thereof).

So now I’m Googling for a MIDI that I can host on this site and access via WAP. The non-technical explanation of that last sentence is that I don’t have a cable to transfer the file via hardware, so I’ll have to access the song wirelessly. Wish me luck; I’ll probably need it.

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