If this is it

Things are going at a break-neck pace both at home and at work this week. I’m sure I have a treasure trove of interesting stories and witty anecdotes I could be sharing, but I’ll be damned if I can remember a single one. I promise to post my dot.plan file in the coming weeks so everyone can get a good look at my scheme for world domination. I can’t promise anything, except the sincere hope that some people love it and some people hate it.

In the absence of my mind-blowing manifesto, here’s a link connecting this post to my last post: Feel free to download the original Night of the Living Dead for free. Turns out George Romero didn’t copyright his seminal zombie masterpiece and broadband surfers are the beneficiaries. Funny, I now have a strange craving for sushi. Mmmmm.

Also, in a follow-up to my Grey Tuesday follies, Downhill Battle has just launched a new site: BannedMusic.org. If you’d like to rally around the cause of the creative commons, download BitTorrent and check out some of the great re-mixes of Jay-Z’s Black Album.

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